At the Australian launch event for the new Find X3 series of phones we asked OPPO representatives some important questions about future software updates for their new flagship devices.
Asked how many years of regular (at least every 3 months) of security updates are guaranteed for these new phones, OPPO Australia’s response was:
For the security patch updates, currently, OPPO will cover at least 2 years of updates for all models.

When asked how many years/numbers of new Android OS version updates are guaranteed? Eg 2 years or perhaps the 2 versions 12 and 13, their representative said:

OPPO works closely with Google to guarantee ColorOS versions keep up with each year’s newest Android version, in addition to that there’ll be slightly adjusted versions such as ColorOS 11.* depending on product strategy.
OPPO’s general policy for software updates is to guarantee at least two newest Android versions for each device (e.g. If a device launched with Android 11, we would keep updating to Android 13.)
Samsung now offers 4 years of security updates on their Galaxy phones. Google guarantee 3 years of updates for their Pixel phones.
If OPPO is pricing their premium phones at a level approaching Samsung flagship phones should they match the 4 year security updates guarantee as well?
Please let us know what you think in the comments.
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IMO, not good enough when SS/Google are offering 3/4 yrs of support on phones that are a fraction of this price. That’s also ignoring Apple’s 5 years of support as well. If they want to price it alongside SS/Apple, they better start supporting it as long as them.

3 years should be minimum.


I’ve got Oppo’s 2019 flagship – the Reno 5G. I think it retailed for around $1500, but I got mine 2nd hand. It shipped with Android 9.0, was updated to Android 10 last year, and Android 11 is rolling out overseas right now (should be here in a couple of months). My security update is January 2021. Overall I’ve been impressed with Oppo, but understand that owners of their non-flagship phones might not be so lucky.


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Yeap, just like they promised you a major Android update for my R9s Plus when you spoke to them. It never got a single Android update at all, just security updates and fixes over the life of the phone. This was their flagship phone when released in Australia. Maybe you’d want to ask them whatever happened to those promised updates. It started life on Android 6.0.1 and ended life on 6.0.1 I wouldn’t trust Oppo as far as I could throw them. 2 years is pathetic for a $1700 flagship, and that’s assuming they’re even going to deliver on… Read more »


Doubly pathetic, when you know that Nokia do 2 years of updates and 2 Android versions, for their mid tier phones.
Flagships should have 3 years and 3 OS updates, guaranteed in writing, at absolute minimum.


Even Samsung realised that in order to compete with the market leader, Apple, 2 years of updates wasn’t enough. 3 years of OS upgrades + 3 Years of security updates is now a golden standard thanks to Samsung. Anything less is unacceptable. Samsung now offers this even on their Medium range phones.

Miguel Guerrero

Yes. Two years is not enough.