A long-overdue feature for those who like to keep their chat history is ready and rolling out. Soon, users will finally be able to transfer chat history between iOS and Android.

While it has been possible to move chats from iOS to Android for a while, the reverse has been impossible. But none other than Mark Zuckerberg himself announced the update on his own Facebook page.

As noted by Mr Zuckerberg, the change will allow not just chat history but images and videos to readily transfer. Delving a little deeper across several sites, there do appear to be a few limitations on transferring. This includes the fact you’ll need to be doing a fresh iPhone setup, be on the same wi-fi network and have compatible app versions from your source device.

It’s a welcome change for those who like to shop around for the best device deal and aren’t locked to a platform. Now, if only Apple would come to the RCS messaging party.

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still no whatsapp for tablets and ipad