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Multi-device login is now rolling out for WhatsApp Beta users

We saw the intial reports that multi-device functionality was coming to WhatsApp at the start of last month. Now through WA Beta Info, we're seeing confirmation that some Beta users are getting early...

WhatsApp link previews may soon actually be useful

If you're a heavy user of WhatsApp you'll know that while you can send links, the previews aren't great. In fact, they really just take up more space to show a line or...

WhatsApp will support multiple devices soon, but only one phone at a time

Since the furore around changes in the data-sharing arrangement with Facebook, WhatsApp has been scrambling to maintain its market. As part of this, the company has been adding features (often that other platforms...

Confirmed: WhatsApp multi-device functionality is coming

The team over at WhatsApp Beta Info had a chat with WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart recently. During the conversation, Cathcart discussed a number of issues facing the platform currently, particularly privacy. During the conversation,...

WhatsApp backs down on threats to remove accounts if users don’t accept new terms

If you're a heavy user of WhatsApp concerned about the new terms of use, fear not. You'll be able to continue using your account even if you don't agree to the new terms....

Shots fired: Telegram and WhatsApp take their war to Twitter

When the messaging war began, who knew we would end up with over a dozen viable options? The issue that most people face is that not everyone you want to message is on...

Facebook Messenger hits 5 billion installs

If there was ever any doubt that Facebook has a stranglehold on the messaging market, they've hit 5 billion installs on another messaging app. Following -- Facebook-owned -- WhatsApp hitting the marker in...

PSA: You’ll need to accept the WhatsApp privacy policy soon or lose functionality

Since the announcement that WhatsApp was changing their privacy policy and sharing more data with Facebook, there's been quite the buzz. This has resulted in a lot of concern about user privacy and...

WhatsApp accounts can be disabled without the users consent

It's a bit of a process, but unfortunately, a fairly gaping hole (via Forbes) in the account management process has been uncovered with WhatsApp. All the attacker needs are your phone number and...

Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram messaging were down this morning

If you were up in the small hours this morning, you may have noticed that messaging on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger -- as well as other Facebook services -- were down. The outage also...

WhatsApp continue to build their security adding encryption to backups

With our lives continually moving more and more online, it's no wonder our focus is increasingly on data security. This includes our personal details, online storage options and our chat history. WhatsApp...

WhatsApp now lets you make video calls from desktop machines

WhatsApp hasn't had the best of times lately, their decision to change data sharing policies are the primary driver for that. As a result, they've been left scrambling to save face and market....

WhatsApp stands firm on its T&C ultimatum, opening the door for competition to grab...

We’ve seen a fairly significant response to the recent changes to Whatsapp terms and conditions. Now while very little has actually changed, the data sharing between Whatsapp and Facebook has been spelled out...

Facing mass user exodus, WhatsApp extends privacy deadline to May 15

If you've read the news - even in the mainstream - in the last week or two, you'd have heard about WhatsApp and its new privacy policy. Claimed to allow Facebook to do everything...

Whatsapp responds to the Facebook furore

A few days ago something of a storm erupted around the changes to the Whatsapp privacy policy and the requirement to share certain data with Facebook. While the changes do result in a...

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