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WhatsApp finally bringing multi-device functionality to their service

WhatsApp may be used by a lot of people, over two billion at last count, but that does nowhere near make it the best messaging app around. WhatsApp lacks a lot of the...

WhatsApp figures suggest a 70% reduction of misinformation spread through their app

A couple of weeks ago, WhatsApp made some changes to help slow the spread of misinformation through their app. Those changes meant that messages already forwarded heavily or originating outside your contacts could...

WhatsApp group calls will soon allow up to 8 participants

WhatsApp has done its bit to assist with reducing the spread of fake news through its platform. Their encryption standards (end to end) mean that privacy is protected, but that “safety” could also be...

WhatsApp step up to help slow the spread of misinformation

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging platforms on the planet, its cross platform and the odds are you know a lot of users. As an encrypted messaging platform, WhatsApp offers privacy to...

WhatsApp is the next service to limit videos for the sake of the India’s...

We have seen various services limit streaming quality for their products in a bid to ease congestion on what are currently overloaded Internet structures throughout the world. It seems that not only are...

WhatsApp seems near ready to deliver Snapchat style disappearing messages

The WhatsApp development team is continuing to work hard to maintain the perch at the top of the messaging pile. We recently saw a dark theme appear and now we’re finally seeing Snapchat style,...

WhatsApp dark mode has begun rolling out to Android and iOS users

Dark mode, a feature that you either love or hate but an ever increasing feature that is requested, has begun rolling out overnight to Android and iOS users of WhatsApp. The new Dark mode feature,...

WhatsApp group chats may have been compromised by a simple error

While chat apps are generally encrypted end-to-end these days there are still some really simple vulnerabilities that can happen. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has had one become public in the last couple of days. https://twitter.com/JordanWildon/status/1230829082662842369?s=19 The issue...

Whatsapp now boasts 2 billion active monthly users

As if there was much - if any - doubt about the status of Facebook-owned Whatsapp as one of the biggest messaging platforms available, they now boast 2 billion users. This is roughly...

Whatsapp dark mode arrives for Beta users

It's about time... We saw the first glimpses of a dark theme in November but now Whatsapp has finally delivered a dark mode option to beta users of the app. Undoubtedly, the full release...

WhatsApp hits five billion installs

WhatsApp has further solidified its standing at the top of the messaging pile with a huge milestone. The five billion install mark has only been achieved by a few apps, and Facebook's self-titled app...

Facebook’s WhatsApp to remain ad free – for now

In what presents as a rapid retreat from previous plans to introduce adverts to status feeds, Facebook has - temporarily at least - halted its plans. The plan was in part a way for...

Whatsapp support finishing for some older phones

There are widespread reports surfacing that Whatsapp is ending support for some phones. That bit is true, but the headlines are edging towards deceitful though as it’s only some very old phones that...

Whatsapp has adopted new Facebook branding and some dark mode elements

Whatsapp... Love it or hate it, you or someone you know uses it. It's one of the first and still one of the largest messaging platforms. The offering is cross platform for mobile devices...

Whatsapp hands more control to users for group chats

WhatsApp is a pretty popular messaging platform these days. Odds are you’re using it, or know a lot of people who are. In our sphere, for example, if you're on a tech trip there's...

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