WABetaInfo is a remarkably reliable source of information for what is likely to land on WhatsApp for regular users. This time around, we’re seeing a couple of overdue features that are in the works.

One feature coming is the ability to undo a deleted message. While it’s obvious that you’ve deleted a message for a reason, it’s also very easy to delete it just for yourself and not everyone in the chat. If you’ve accidentally sent something embarrassing (or inappropriate) to a group chat, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The other, perhaps less important feature — for some — coming, is the ability to edit (undo typos) sent messages. Again, another very easy to make mistake, but typos are more tolerable than those inappropriate memes we share going to the wrong person.

From what we can see on WABeta, both features are still under development and likely coming soon. Provided they do land in an upcoming release, they’ll make WhatsApp a lot more friendly to use.