It’s been a very long time coming, but WABetaInfo has shown we may soon be able to link a second device to a WhatsApp account. The change is still in development but it looks like it will not only allow a second device, but it will sync chats also.

The companion mode will allow users to link a secondary mobile device to their WhatsApp account without requiring an active Internet connection on the main device in order to send messages.

You’ll still need to have the account set up on your primary device, with the second being considered a “companion device”. The sync process could potentially take some time if you’ve got a significant chat history, so it’s probably best to trigger the sync before you head for bed.

For users who want to add WhatsApp to a secondary device, or tablet for quick access to messages, this is great news.
We’re not sure exactly when this will be rolled out to the production release, but hopefully, it won’t take long.

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Finally , Once they release multi device 2.0

Whatsapp app will be released for iPad and tablets