ASUS ROG hosted a virtual event on July 6, 2022, for its new ROG Phone 6 alongside other gaming peripheral hardware. This time, in order to demonstrate the performance of the strongest gaming phone in history, the conference ended in a wrestling PUBG competition involving 14 well-known influencers.

ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro

ASUS unveiled the latest additions to its ROG line of gaming phones at a virtual event: ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro. 

Powerful – the best in the class

This latest flagship is paired with Qualcomm’s latest flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform. The choice of the top-tier chip will ensure to provide unreserved performance for all gamers, including esports players. Compared with the earlier ROG gaming phone with Snapdragon 888, the 8+ Gen 1 achieves a performance improvement of more than 50%, thanks to the Snapdragon Elite Gaming features and the improved Qualcomm Adreno GPU. The series is equipped with up to 18GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 512GB of storage space, which will become a strong performance backing and system guarantee for gamers.

A re-designed cooling system

The upgraded GameCool 6 cooling system uses a newly designed 360-degree CPU cooling technology to deliver long-term gameplay under high performance. Based on the previous generation, ROG Phone 6 increases the area of the vapour chamber by 30%, and also increases the area of the graphite sheet by 85%. Combined with the CPU-centric design, the heat dissipation performance will be effectively improved. In terms of software, ROG’s unique Armoury Crate allows gamers to dynamically adjust performance allocation for different game scenarios, maximizing the advantage for gamers in the game.

An outstanding screen

On the screen side, a 6.78-inch AMOLED display from Samsung will provide a guarantee for a smooth gaming experience. With HDR10+, ROG Phone 6 will provide players with better colour and contrast, greatly enhancing the sense of immersion. This time, we will be able to experience a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, a touch sampling rate of 720Hz, and an industry-leading 23ms ultra-low touch latency. ROG Phone 6 can dynamically adjust the refresh rate between 60 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, or 165 Hz for an unparalleled gaming experience for gamers. To further improve colour accuracy, ROG has cooperated deeply with Pixelworks, and through their industry-leading visual processing, ROG Phone 6 will provide gamers with a first-class visual experience.

Impressive audio system

As a gaming phone, ROG Phone 6 is committed to providing players with the best experience in gaming. In addition to processor performance and display, the audio system should not be overlooked, and ROG knows its importance. ROG Phone 6 uses symmetrically designed seven-magnetic dual speakers to bring users a balanced stereo effect. In addition, ROG also retains the 3.5mm headphone jack to provide users with more choices. With best-in-class digital audio technology from Dirac, ROG Phone 6 will be a beast of audio quality among many gaming phones. ROG Phone 6 enables immersive sound from the built-in speakers by leveraging Dirac Virtuo spatial audio technology. Not only that, but thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound technology, ROG Phone 6 will bring players a lag-free gaming experience and high-quality lossless music streaming, where every detail will be delivered to gamers’ ears without fail.

Massive battery

For gaming phones, battery life is an important consideration. Asus has equipped the ROG Phone 6 with a mind-blowing 6000mAh battery capacity, which will undoubtedly provide gamers with the uninterrupted competition. There is also a 65-watt rapid charging adapter to maximise the continuous gaming experience. It is worth mentioning that this time the battery consists of two battery packs of the same 3000mAh, which are symmetrically arranged at both ends of the mobile phone, and the evenly distributed weight will improve the hand feel when holding it horizontally.


You will find a flagship camera sensor IMX766 from SONY to be equipped on the ROG Phone 6 series. It includes a 50-megapixel wide-angle main lens, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and another macro lens. Of course, as a mobile phone with gaming as the main function, a high-quality front camera is essential. The 12-megapixel front-facing camera brings gamers high-quality selfies and live-streaming videos.


The main differences between the ROG Phone 6 and the ROG Phone 6 Pro come from colour options and memory and storage space:

ROG Phone 6 ROG Phone 6 Pro
Colour Phantom Black

Storm White

Storm White
RAM up to 16GB (LPDDR5) up to 18GB (LPDDR5)
Storage up to 512GB up to 512GB
The back Aura RGB lighting Colour ROG Vision mini-display


Further immersive gaming experience

In addition to the new gaming phone, ASUS also introduced its new ROG Cetra series of true wireless gaming headsets at the virtual event, all designed to bring players the ultimate audio experience.

ROG Cetra Series

The series consists of two products, ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro and ROG Cetra True Wireless. The former has wired/wireless modes, while the latter is a pure wireless headset. Let’s take a look at the ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro first.

ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro

This wired/wireless dual-mode gaming headset is equipped with ESS Quad DAC and AI noise-cancelling microphone. Gamers can freely switch between the two modes to enjoy the same excellent sound effects and communication quality. In Bluetooth mode, the headset can achieve ultra-low latency as low as 45ms through the latest Snapdragon Sound technology, which perfectly synchronizes game graphics and sound on ROG Phone 6. In addition, Cetra True Wireless Pro is equipped with a variety of active-noise reductions that can effectively reduce the wider frequency of background noise and also wind noise, further enhancing the immersion of game audio. In wired mode, ROG has developed an in-line audio optimizer with built-in ESS 9280 Quad DAC to achieve richer and more detailed spatial sound effects. In addition, its AI noise-cancelling microphone can reduce up to 95% from more than 500 million different background noises and achieve clear voice communication.

ROG Cetra True Wireless

The ROG Cetra lineup also includes Cetra True Wireless, a purely wireless gaming headset. Like the Wireless Pro, its Game Mode provides users with excellent audio and video synchronization, paving the way for players to emerge victorious.

ROG Delta S Wireless

In addition to the Cetra series, ASUS also announced the new ROG Delta S Wireless this time. This is ROG’s first dual-mode wireless gaming headset. Users can choose between 2.4G and Bluetooth modes to maximize flexibility when connecting devices. The product is equipped with an AI Beamforming microphone and AI noise reduction, which ensures wearing comfort without compromising communication quality.

Wide range of accessories

ASUS provides an ecosystem of modular accessories for ROG Phone 6, striving to maximize the gaming experience from multiple dimensions. The announced accessories include AeroActive Cooler 6, ROG Kunai 3 gamepad exclusive to ROG Phone 6, ROG Phone 6 glass screen protector, protective case and more. The clip-on AeroActive Cooler 6 features an AI-driven thermoelectric cooler that actively cools the CPU area by delivering cooling airflow. In actual use, the AeroActive Cooler 6 can maintain the temperature of the back of the phone at an incredible 25°C.

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there is no support for 5G mmwave signal


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only google pixel 6 pro still the only phone in the market that support all mmwave bands : n257/n258/n260/n261