According to the team at 9to5Mac, a source has provided them with information pointing to the next entry-level iPad having USB-C. While this isn’t unexpected, given the iPad Pro, Air and Mini all have it, bringing USB-C to the entry-level also removes a barrier to entry for many potential buyers.

This year, Apple has been working on more significant upgrades for its cheaper iPad. Information seen by 9to5Mac reveals that the new 10th-generation iPad (codenamed J272) will feature a USB-C port instead of Lightning.

While this will rely on a few factors, this adds a lot of functionality to the iPad that previously was only available on the — far more expensive — iPad Pro. This includes external (not Apple-specific) accessories, higher data speeds and external displays.

The current entry-level Samsung tablets are around $350, then jump to $550 and up. This makes the iPad a remarkably attractive option compared to similarly specced devices.

While there isn’t yet a clear indication of exactly when the new iPad will launch, it will happen. This leaves a few questions, assuming the iPad price remains the same:

  • Will the new iPad with USB-C make a dent in the Android tablet market?
  • Will the Pixel Tablet be the saviour?
  • or will it be too late?
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I don’t see this being a problem considering the iPad is a superior tablet to most Android tablets (which has very limited options these days).

I’m not biased in any sort of way either as I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra and an iPad Air 4th Generation.

Ahmad Kishani

The ipad is the best tablet in the market

android tablets does suck big time


Only if you:
Do NOT want storage expansion on your tablet.
Do NOT want to use your tablet as a phone.
Do NOT want a proper headphone socket on your tablet.


Tablets aren’t phones anyway lol. Most people use bluetooth earphones and headphones.

And yes I understand the issue with storage expansion but most people store media in the cloud and stream media.

Ahmad Kishani

I like ausdroid website alot . but i think you guys should start making a website for apple news not just android


ye Phil please cover everything about Tech not just Android