Twitter has been around for long enough now that the consistent userbase is there. Just over a year ago, Twitter Blue was introduced with a handful of features but minimal uptake. They’re now introducing more features that add value, but I’d argue that they’re still not worth $4.49 a month.

What you’re getting in addition to the previous feature set is — on Android — the ability to customise the navigation bar. Whether this means removing tabs you don’t use like space, or even getting rid of any number of tabs. This is particularly useful if you’ve disabled DM and just don’t want it there.

The end result of customised navigation is that you can keep as few as two on the navigation bar to minimise the clutter on the screen. Given there are some third-party Twitter apps on the Play store for as little as $3 through to around $15.00 just a few months of Twitter Blue subscription could instead be used to support developers.