Earlier this week, Google announced that the live beta for Google Play users who might use a PC over their mobile has now opened up as a beta here in Australia.

The news of the wider beta launch comes after Google announced earlier this year that Google Play Games would be coming to PCs as a beta experience for a limited number of players and that the company, over the past couple of months, have more than doubled our Google Play Games catalogue to 50+ titles, which can be played on Windows PCs via a standalone application built by Google.

Google has stated that its Google Play Games catalogue includes many of the most popular mobile games in the world, including Summoners War, Cookie Run: Kingdom, Last Fortress: Underground, and Slam Dunk.

Google has said that it has also made significant strides in reducing the minimum spec requirements to run Google Play Games. For example, users who have a Windows 10+ PC with an integrated graphics card and 4+ core CPU can now access Google Play Games.

Google has said that with the further beta release, it is looking forward to continuing to add new features and evaluate developer and player feedback and that anyone wishing to parttake in the beta trial here in Australia and to sign up for additional news and info, can do so via the following link – g.co/googleplaygames.

For Android developers who are also looking to learn more about Google Play Games, you can head over to Google’s developer site here.

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I use LDPlayer on my win pc to play google games. So unless this comes close to it in the future (and it doesn’t now) I won’t bother.


Strangely it’s been available here a lot longer. Have had it for a few months.
Very limited game library. 32 games now, started with only 14 when I first installed it.
Only supports x86 and x86_64 compatible titles as it isn’t really emulating. Probably the reason for the dearth of titles to play.