In June last year (it’s still odd referring to 2023 as last year) we took a look at the BeeDrive from Synology. It’s a very small, robust and extremely capable portable drive for transporting and backing up your data. The only real problem for some (ie. Mac) users at the time of release was that the software was not yet available on the platform.

We’ve had word from Synology that the software is now ready for download on MacOS. Obviously great news for anyone looking for a backup drive and considering the BeeDrive. During my review, and in use since, I’ve found the software easy to configure and sync files between multiple devices and the capacity makes it ideal for transporting a lot of data easily.

It’s certainly not a stand alone solution for data backup, but it can play its part in your 3:2:1 data backup system. If you’ve just been waiting for the Mac software to drop, now is the time to grab one: It’ll set you back $299.00 for a 1TB or $469 for a 2TB drive.