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Mobile gaming has been an enormous success story in entertainment over the last 20 years. As console gaming has developed and become the dominant channel for gamers, companies that have been at the forefront of the industry have been scrambling in their bid to create the best tablets for gamers so that they’re able to get their hands on the incredible profits that lie in waiting for the companies that can get it right. Today, we will look at the top four gaming tablets, as voted by experts and user reviews; we’ve also tried to balance our opinion and given some weight to other elements, such as affordability, too.

#4 – Apple iPad Air

The world’s biggest technology company has pioneered mobile devices for over 30 years. It is one of the many components that has allowed it to become a trillion-dollar company, and they’re not in the business of letting the competition catch up. Although the iPad is arguably the most well-known tablet device in the world and one of the best-selling, the iPad Air features specifications that endear it specifically to gamers.

While PCs and laptops appeal more to ardent gaming fans, who spend a lot of money on the latest screens and displays, tablet gaming has a corner of the market that appeals to a specific set of gamers. Games where you can touch the screen and interact work best on tablets, so despite the 11-inch display, there’s still more than enough screen for you to explore your top casino games.

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#3 – Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Staunch Android fans could argue with Apple aficionados until they were blue in the face about which company has the better designs and gadgets. Although the iPad Air is considered a triumph in mobile gaming and is the best Apple device currently on the market, the Galaxy Tab S8 is the better Android equivalent for many.

For those gamers who don’t get involved in the tribalism of Android or iOS and simply select a device for how good the gaming quality is, many rate the S8 as the better overall option. There’s 128 GB of storage and a screen slightly larger than the Air, so while we would say it isn’t the best gaming option for those who like to play on the go, it’s probably a better choice than Apple’s attempt.

#2 – Azus ROG Flow Z13

If we were to pick the best gaming tablet based on the specifications, then the Flow Z13 would probably be the best. It has a screen that stretches nearly 13.5 inches and uses one of the best graphics cards in the business. Nvidia has become one of the world’s biggest and most in-demand technology companies due to the quality of their graphics cards. So, the Z13 is a device many gamers seek because of the immense quality of the gaming display.

Some game enthusiasts may argue that this is more of a laptop than a gaming tablet, which is one of the minor reasons we have it rated second instead of first. If you’re looking for the best portable gaming option, then you aren’t stuck in one place with the Z13, and it is the primary choice for many professional gamers who like to play when they’re on the move.

#1 – Amazon Fire HD 10

Pound-for-pound, we’ve given the number one spot to the Amazon Fire HD 10. While it might not have the same specifications as the Z13, it is much cheaper and comes as the highest rated by many gamers. Crucially, it’s not just casino gamers that rank the HD 10 so highly. Still, because of the affordability of the device, it has been one of the biggest-selling Amazon projects in recent years.

Renowned for excellent battery life and longevity, the only negatives people point out include too many advertisements and a smaller screen than many of the other high-quality competition we have mentioned today. However, unless you’re an ardent gamer looking for a cheap, efficient way to play games on your mobile device, then the Fire HD 10 is probably the best option.