Google Messages continues to be one of the best selling points for the Google ecosystem. RCS is excellent and allows — much like iMessage does — visibility of read status and whether someone is typing. But there’s a lot more to it, with smart replies offering a quick way to reply to someone’s message without wasting too much time.

That service could soon expand if details found in an APK teardown come to fruition.

The button resembles the night sight extended exposure button that appears when your phone is tripod mounted. Currently, it doesn’t do much; in fact, all it does is type (TODO!), indicating that its functions are not yet ready; but are in the very early stages of development. Unlike existing smart replies, you’ll get the chance to read over your message prior to it sending.

Given it’s Google and the advancement of AI, it’s probably a safe bet that after a while, the automatically generated messages are going to resemble what users would personally send closely. With undoubtedly a lot more to come in this space, we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground for updates.