Twitter has launched its first subscription service but is it worth the asking price? The launch features include bookmark folders, reader mode and the ability to undo tweets. Features that are useful, but perhaps not to the taste of a huge cohort of users.

Undo Tweets: The headline act

It’s the feature that most people are talking about, the ability to undo a tweet. How this looks is that you can set a timer of up to 30 seconds to undo a tweet. Why you would want or need to do this can range from typos, tags or realisation that you’ve become a keyboard warrior. That timer allows you to preview your tweet and prevent it from going live to your feed.

The other features added are reader mode and bookmark folders. Both useful for heavy users of Twitter, particularly businesses who may need to follow up interactions with clients. Reader Mode is focused on noise reduction to make those epic posts and threads easier to read. Where bookmark folders are set up to ensure you can organise and find saved content when you want it.

Whether those features are enough to get you to part with another $4.49 per month for subscription service is up to you. Personally, I’ll be waiting for a glimpse at the future feature set to decide.

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Andrew Priest

While I like the undo tweets feature, $4.49 for a 30-second feature? No thanks. I just need to pause and review and I can do that for free and take longer than 30 seconds if needed.


agree, but people do mistakes and this is a small price to pay for i guess.