A new entry into the FPS world is coming from Lilith Games called Farlight 84. Headlined by their Fortnite style hunt mode for up to 48 players, games are going to get hectic. Even more so if you’re the marked target who is worth extra points, allowing your team to evacuate the map and win. Of course, you can and probably will, go for the dominant victory option with complete elimination of the opposing team.

Jiujan Jeremy Liu, Senior Technical Game Designer at Lilith Games spoke of the decision to branch into FPS and away from their — Lilit Games — traditional game genre when he said:

While Lilith Games is known for our impeccable RPG and strategy games, we’ve taken our learned experience from these previous releases and built a world-class team to create an original feature-rich and premium-quality shooter.

The game itself is set in 2084, with an expansive map to explore in a wasteland world. There is a range of characters to trial and a range of vehicles to help you explore the maps. Players will also get to choose from a wild array of weapons, inspired across multiple realms including sci-fi.

In just over one week, invitations will go out for closed beta testers in multiple regions including Australia. A second beta testing group may be opened later in the year, targeting final release in early 2022 on Android, PC and iOS.