Twitter is a beast, a continually evolving beast. There’s a lot to like and just as much to dislike about the social media giant, but they’re working to improve the status of both. The 9to5Google team have conducted a bit of investigation and found some new features ready to launch.

Pinned Lists

If there are accounts that you must see every tweet, you can now add them or favored topics to your main feed permanently.

This functionality essentially allows users to create a list of topics or accounts and then pin that list to the main feed. So, next to the main timeline, there’s another list of your choice.

We were able to enable pinned lists on Twitter’s official Android app, confirming that it should be arriving any time now.

Another interesting additional feature set that was unearthed is the ability to schedule tweets. I can see the use of this in business, particularly marketing.

I’m not sure how widespread this would be used by the average user. There are third-party applications for marketing that can also achieve this end result, perhaps this is Twitter’s attempt to have more users on their apps.

Personally, I’ll be using the pinned lists option pretty heavily to make sure I catch my favorite accounts. How will you use the new features that Twitter is ready to release?

Source: 9 to 5 Google.