We saw the first signs that Twitter were planning to limit who can reply to tweets in May. In a morning check today we found that — providing you’re using their web interface, or an official client — the feature is now live.

While in reality, if you’re on social media and someone wants to troll you… they will. This feature means that you can seek some comfort in knowing that when you broadcast your viewpoint, it’s a broadcast and not a conversation. Public figures who would normally receive hundreds, if not thousands of replies will likely use the feature heavily.

Ultimately though, if you’re online, putting yourself out there, then you should probably ensure you enable all possible protections. Sports personalities of late have been copping quite a bit of abuse on social media. This is a small step from Twitter in the right direction to stop trolling and hate behaviour on social media.

What further protection do you believe Twitter could, or should, offer to users?

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Just struck it several minutes ago. The Victorian LNP opposition leader has turned it on already

Dean Rosolen

And that’s the kind of abuse I said would happen.