Earlier this year Google rolled out enhanced downtime features to help Pixel users have more consistent sleep patterns. The added feature in the Google Clock app allowed users to set a regular schedule for both going to sleep and waking up.

Now Google has rolled out an update to the Google Clock app for all Android devices, so now regardless of which device you have you too can get Google to darken your screen ready for bed, play soft sounds as you drift off and wake you up with the dim glow of your device’s screen. To set up the feature, install the Google Clock app (link below) click on the new Bedtime tab, and follow the prompts.

Check out Google’s take on the whole thing here.

Some people lack the ability to regulate their device usage, and for those people, features like this are a helpful way to be reminded that it’s time to drop the phone and grab some sleep. If you already have health sleep/ digital habits, then this likely isn’t for you. However, it’s great to see Google roll these features out wider than just the Pixel line.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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I wish they would implement the “set a musical alarm” on google home devices with a screen. It works fine on the nest mini etc, but on the google home with a screen (which is the one that you logically put next to your bed as a clock duh!” it says” I can’t do that on this device yet” WTF google!


Thank you for the corrections, but could you try to do something more proactive in the future? I find that these simple mistakes are quite common.