Google have been tinkering with the interface and operation of Android Auto forever with a view to bring more options to it that do not require too many touches — deisnged to keep your eyes on the road longer. An upcoming change looks set to improve this more.

We lost the ability to view Calendar appointments last year but they are now coming back in the form of a dedicated Calendar app. The app shows you your appointments instead of just having Assistant read out your appointments to you.

The Calendar feed shows all day events in their own section at the top with other events listed below that. Each event is colour coded to the calendar that it belongs to and are from the personal calendars linked to your phone, not just your main account. For those with associated phone numbers or locations Android Auto shows an icon to either call or navigate to the appointment.

Google are also rolling out in-car settings with a new organisation that includes Notifications and General. As you would expect the settings you can change from the in-car settings app are limited to five basic toggles with the full settings available on your phone screen after selecting that option on the in-car interface — just as it does now.

These new features are rolling out over the coming month to all Android 6.0+ devices. They may seem like minor improvements but bit by bit Android Auto is improving, eventually Google will get there.