In times gone by, Twitter verification was purely based on the company approaching and verifying users. Then there was (briefly) an option to request verification, although it was closed quickly due to inundation.

The process has returned within the app and web interface, with clear guidelines on what to do. The process requires you to confirm in what area you’re “of influence” and in some cases, further links.

The process

The process is, while simple, well hidden as it’s four layers deep in the menu system:

  • Settings and privacy
  • Your account
  • Account information: You’ll need to enter your password
  • Request Verification

For most users, verification won’t really matter but if you feel it necessary you can submit a request in minutes. Whether you’re an entertainer, in government, a business entity, news or media source or one of the other categories – There is a pathway for verification now.

You should receive a response in a fairly quick turnaround time too, given the onus is on users to prove their level of influence. If your application is declined, you can reapply in 30 days time which seems a pretty reasonable timeline and process.