Twitter is a great communication medium, a source of news and entertainment. But there are without a doubt some annoyances with the platform. Trolls are rife, separating real from fake news can be difficult at times and there’s no way to edit your tweets if you make a typo.

That is set to change, with the company confirming that they’re actively working on an edit button. While it’s not yet ready for public use, it will be getting tested in the Twitter Blue labs to start with before the wider rollout.

Now, the bad news is that there’s no promise of when it will come to either Twitter Blue or to standard users. Personally, I’m very hopeful that the feature goes out to all, not just those prepared to pay for the privilege.

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Phill Edwards

Seriously? With the millions of dollars and thousands of developers at their disposal they’ve been working on an edit feature since LAST YEAR??


Long Long over-sue. 👍✔👍


Over-Due that should read, sorry.