Twitter has been on a bit of a run lately, introducing new features to Twitter Blue and now CoTweets. The feature addition allows users with public profiles to “CoTweet” for a shared spotlight approach.

The full details of CoTweets are outlined on the official Help page, noting use and important details. Details such as the CoTweeters need to both agree to the tag, a link which can also be removed at a later date. While the mechanics of the feature are relatively simple, the idea is very clever.

It allows users to build public profiles through collaboration, resulting in both names being shown on the Tweet. Both accounts will, of course, also receive any replies or tags on retweets etc.

Twitter seems to have thought ahead against CoTweet spam too, by allowing users to block accounts from tagging you. The potentail problem is that it seems to be account by account instead of an accepted users list. There’s a bit to unpack once this feature rolls out widely, so stay tuned.