We’ve heard murmurs for ages, but it seems that the edit button is actually, finally coming to Twitter.

As announced in a blog post, the team is currently testing internally with the intent to then roll out to Twitter Blue users. The post doesn’t note whether the feature will be widely available or only to Twitter Blue users. Once rolled out, there are a few things that users will need to know:

  • You only have 30 minutes to edit your Tweet
  • You’ll be able to edit a few times (whatever that means in numbers?) during that 30 minutes
  • Edited Tweets will be labelled as such, with the history still visible

All of these make sense, as the integrity of a conversation and the context of retweets could dramatically change after the original is edited. As a new, premium feature; it would make sense to offer this to paid users like the custom navigation bar but I hope it’s widely available longer term.