If you’re an online company with secrets, then you’re always at risk of information leaking. That’s exactly what’s happened here with a developer, Kuba Wojciechowski releasing a heap of Pixel tablet info on Twitter.

If all of the information is correct, possibly the most interesting piece of information is that it doesn’t have any GPS capability. This points to it being a home-based device that has the potential — previously rumoured — to replace a Nest Hub with an appropriate dock which is probably an optional extra.

The next, pointing to it having been in development for some time, is the fact it carries the first generation Tensor chip. Perhaps for some, the combination of a generation old — by the time it is released — processor and lack of GPS or modem, suggests we’re looking at a very affordable tablet; think Pixel a range or FE edition Samsung devices.

If what is shown in the Twitter thread above is in fact, accurate, then the tablet market is about to get a shake-up. With a home-hub replacement coming, it’s a new type of smart device that may soon land from Google.

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Phil, I would not equate this with Samsung FE devices.
Those devices do not strip out _ESSENTIAL_ phone and GPS capability, just to cut costs and corners.
This portable Google device does not even measure up to tablet equivalents to the FE line, the Samsung S6 Lite from 2020 or the Tab A 10.1 (2016) from 2016. Both those Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets were budget models, had S Pen support, were phones, and had GPS. They simply were not as powerful as the full Tab S models of their respective years.

Ahmad Kishani

the ipad always the best tablet in the market

android is a disaster for tablets


how to admit youve never used a new galaxy tab without mentioning youve never used a modern android tablet.

Ahmad Kishani

I bought two samsung tabs for my twins , samsung tab does suck big time

I will sell them both and get the cheapest ipad once apple release the new update

Mark M

I use a Samsung Tab A8 and previously an A7 both without a single issue so I would take anything Ahmad says about anything with the contempt it deserves


I’m on the same boat. No tablet has ever been good as the iPad. And I’m an Android fan through and through but always have bought iPads as tablets.