We all know it’s coming, in fact, Google has shown us a lot of detail, but the first “public” unboxing has occurred for the Pixel 7 Pro.

The unboxing comes courtesy of Bangladesh-based retailer Gadgetfull BD. What we see in this video correlates directly with rumoured and confirmed details we’ve had to date. The look of the Pixel 7 Pro adds some generational evolution to the look of the Pixel devices, and the materials look slick.

The packaging, again, doesn’t include a charger or any real excitement, but that’s been the case for two years now. We should officially know more in the coming month or so, with the launch expected in October in keeping with Google’s usual schedule.

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Bangladesh?! With an average wage of AU$3,000 annually, it would take the average citizen just over 4 months to buy the latest Pixel.


As someone who has Bangladeshi heritage, I can tell you there are plenty of people who are way too rich who don’t know what to do with it.


The good thing about pixel phones
They support wifi 6e and 5G mmwave not like the iphones

I think google will release

Nest wifi 6e with google pixel 7 pro


New Nest Wifi with 6e showed up at FCC recently so a launch with 7 makes sense.

Ahmad Kishani