Fathers day is just around the corner and if you’re struggling for ideas on what to get your Dad, we’ve compiled a bit of a list for you. Everything from phones, to gadgets, IoT and smart homes have options available. As a Dad, I’m always thrilled when my kids do something special for me but perhaps, it might be time to get your Dad moving towards a few more tech gadgets in his life: Here’s a bit of a breakdown with some of the available options.

The heart of your online connectivity

Over the past year, we’ve been spending more time looking at connectivity with D-Link providing a lot of value to users. They’ve got routers, mesh systems and security cameras through to managed network hardware. It’s a connectivity smorgasbord with D-Link offering nearly anything you could desire for connectivity or security in your home. Currently their special cover multiple routers including the:

  • DIR-X1560 – A Wi-Fi 6 Mesh router for $179.95 vs the $249.00 RRP
  • DIR-X5460 – A much higher end router with significant upgrades over the base model for $399.95
  • DCS-8630LH – A very capable security camera for your home at $279.95

There are plenty more options on the D-Link offers page to explore, even the COVR-1102 (we reviewed last year) is worth a close look at $229.95 which is $70 off the normal retail price.

Amazon and Ring: Smart Home Options

When it comes to Amazon’s own speakers, we’ve had some great hands-on time with a number of great bits of hardware. The Echo Show 10 at $399 really hit the mark in terms of being a smart screen alone, or as a control center for your smart home hardware. If that’s a bit too much screen (it is pretty big) then other options like the Echo Show 5 ($119) or Echo Show 8 ($199) may be more to your taste.

An obvious complementary piece of hardware for a smart screen is some security cameras. One of the biggest names in the market for this is Ring. Ring has plenty of options for stand alone doorbells or a part of a bigger system of cameras to include better visibility around your home, with or without spotlights and indoor only cameras to keep an eye on your pets or loved ones.

If you’re not ready to get into smart screens there’s plenty of speakers around to pump the tunes and have some control over your home. The Echo Dot is the primary choice in the Amazon Echo range and will set you back $79 without a clock, or $99 with a built-in clock.

More budget friendly options

Smart speakers, video doorbells and security cameras are great but they aren’t the cheapest options going around. If your budget doesn’t cater for that level of goodies for Dad, then the Laser smart home range may be more to your liking. They’ve got everything from lighting (at around $10), to home security and garden gadgets that go between $29.95 and $249.95

Audio options

When it comes to audio it’s really easy to get caught up in brand names, but often you’ll get a surprise from an unexpected source. That’s exactly what happened when we tried the Huawei Freebuds Pro and Freebuds Studio. Both offered great sound for their form factor, perhaps being a little on the pricy side but worth the investment. With the prices down to $259 and $329 respectively, they’re definitely worth a closer look.

If you’re willing to shell out more for the recognised name, then Sennheiser may have a solution for you. Whether it’s the bigger sound of an over-ear option like the PXC 550-II Wireless (currently $299.95 down from $549.95) or the in-ear CX True Wireless for $199.95 you’ll get a consistent audio delivery and the backup you expect of the name.

If it’s a gift for Dad, or yourself (you deserve it, we all do!) at this time of year – there are plenty of bargains to be had. If you spot a great deal on some tech toys share them with us in the comments below.