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Saturday, June 22, 2024

LASER affordable technology adds smarts, safety and warmth to your winter

Like it or not, Winter is here and the nights are getting colder. Not only that, the daylight hours are disappearing quickly too. So having some technology in your home to make it safer, smarter and warmer makes a...

amaysim EOFY sales offer some significant discounts

We recently reviewed the service and coverage offered by amasim -- running on the Optus network --, a good user experience. Depending on your needs, the deals offered are pretty impressive and this EOFY, the specials are back. For users...

[Good Deal] Motorola Razr 2022 dips under a grand

If you've been thinking about grabbing a flip phone, but don't wan't to spend $1,500.00 or more then listen up. Until the 24th of May, the Motorola Razr has dropped by $600.000 to its lowest price to date; $999.00 There's...

[Great Deal] GoPro discounts its top of the line Hero 11 camera

The GoPro Hero 11 is an excellent piece of kit with a huge range of features. When we reviewed it, the camera was -- although pricy -- a good step up from previous versions. GoPro announced this morning that...

[Great Deal] Samsung foldables at huge discount in retail channels

If you've been thinking about a foldable phone, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, and Officeworks have some deals. The range of Samsung Z Fold devices, as well as wearables, are currently discounted. The discounts are significant: 256GB Z Fold 4 discounted from...

Amaysim’s MAYhem sale is offering 50% discount on recharges

Amaysim continues its stream of specials with a 50% off deal across 2 recharges for both new and existing customers. The pricing offers under this deal include: $15 Unlimited 4GB – $7 for 4GB each renewal for the first 2 renewals $20...

Good Deal on Ring bundles

If you're like many others and have been thinking about starting your home surveillance setup, now might be the time for you. Ring has several bundled specials right now that offer good discounts and great visibility around your home. The...

amaysim is offering discounts on data bonuses and discounts on various plans

amaysim regularly offers discounts on its plans, and they've again launched another deal. This time there are discounts or data bonuses on multiple offerings. The offered discounts are: $25 per month for 40GB of data for the first 6 x...

Vodafone drops a big bargain for Samsung buyers

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Samsung's midrange device list was expanding. As part of that announcement, the redemption of a free watch was covered; now Vodafone has jumped on board, offering new buyers that same...

Boost offers bargain deal for new customers

There's been a bit in the news lately about Vodafone raising prices on plans by $5 a month. While that may not seem a lot, if you've got a few plans in the family, it adds up quickly. Boost...

Aldi Special Buys has a half price Ecovacs DEEBOT NEO next week

Sometimes the Aldi special buys fly buy with little interest, others, it really captures the attention of our team. This time round, one particular buy is bound to get some attention: The Ecovacs DEEBOT NEO vacuum. The NEO is an...

[Great Deal] Ring gear at a decent discount to start the new year

Christmas, boxing day, back to work and back to school are all used as a reason to run a sale. Ring is using back to work for the nea year as the trigger for its latest sale. There are multiple...

[Good Deal] Arlo delivers discounts on security cameras

Arlo is one of the biggest names in home security and, ready for everyone to go back to work, has delivered some great discounts. The discounts are impressive, offering users an enticing pathway to starting or building home security...

Fitbit premium annual subscription available at over 25% discount

If you've just nabbed a new Fitbit or Pixel Watch at Christmas, you've got one of the best fitness trackers out there. Like many services though, there are a lot of features available, but some require a subscription. A feature...

[Great Deal] Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Bluetooth for $199.00

If you're a bargain hunter, boxing day and new year sales are probably a favourite time of the year for you. Often there are significant discounts to be found on all sorts of gear. Samsung is just one of the...

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