Sometimes the Aldi special buys fly buy with little interest, others, it really captures the attention of our team. This time round, one particular buy is bound to get some attention: The Ecovacs DEEBOT NEO vacuum.

The NEO is an entry-level device that is app-driven with both vacuum and mopping capabilities. Unfortunately, unlike some of the more advanced models, it won’t connect via Google Assistant. There are some excellent features on the NEO as part of the guidance and mapping system, it can detect carpets and floor rugs, meaning your rugs won’t get mopped. It also means when vacuuming, the NEO will increase the suction automatically on rugs and carpets to ensure a thorough cleaning.

We’ve had one on review for a couple of weeks now. In the review — published earlier this morning — you’ll see that the unit creates a segmented, virtual map of your home. This allows you to clean individual areas or the whole house by schedule or on demand.

ALDI will have the DEEBOT NEO on sale for half its usual retail price, down from $799.00 to $399.00 from March 8th, but only while stocks last.