The GoPro Hero 11 is an excellent piece of kit with a huge range of features. When we reviewed it, the camera was — although pricy — a good step up from previous versions. GoPro announced this morning that the top of the range device has been heavily discounted for all buyers.

Instead of $799.00 for the camera alone, you can buy one off the shelf or via GoPro for $649.00 or, if you invest in a GoPro subscription (AU$34.99 pricing for the first year and $69.00 for renewal), you’ll save a further AU$150.00 and pick up the camera for AU$499.00

Other cameras in the range, including the HERO11 Black Mini, HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black have had prices reduced by AU$150.00

I’ve found myself using the GoPro on family adventures, simply chucking it in my bag and getting some great footage along the way. The big bonus is they’re almost bulletproof and way cheaper to replace (particularly with a subscription – no questions asked replacement) than a phone!

Even if you only buy a GoPro every few years, the subscription is worthwhile, and you’ll certainly get value from your investment.