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Huawei Watch GT3 Pro

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro Review — It will do it all

Designed with exercise in mind, the GT3 Pro has the myriad standard Huawei features, but the major focus is health and well-being. The GT3 Pro boasts over 100 different types of workouts plus new...

Huawei Watch Fit 2 review — lightweight with great features and at a fantastic...

Smartwatches are such commonplace now, that it seems unusual for people not to have one. There's a continual question of what you want from a smartwatch too, whether it's for fitness or for functionality....

[Good Deal] Huawei EOFY sales offer serious discount

Whether you're looking to upgrade a laptop, grab a new watch, or go wireless with your sound, Huawei has you covered this end of the financial year. With discounts including the Huawei Watch GT3...

Huawei Matepad 11 Review — Great hardware hampered by access to apps

The tablet market is still dominated by Apple with the iPad range. The consistency of user experience, upgradability and predictability of performance are just a few of the reasons for this. While Samsung has...

Huawei Watch GT3 review — Stunning hardware, great functionality and battery life

Despite the best efforts of some of the manufacturers, there are still precious few Wear OS watches that can seriously be considered a "good" option. That being said, several smartwatches of different OS origin...

The Huawei Watch GT3 is here

Smartwatches are an interesting proposal-- still -- at the moment thanks to the market expectations and manufacturers' choices. Many of the better choices like this one (Harmony OS) available aren't running Wear OS, creating...
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Huawei’s MWC announcements include an Android e-ink tablet

With Mobile World Congress comes all kinds of new announcements from the telecommunications titans, and Huawei has offered a look at seven - yea, seven - new and upcoming products for 2022. The announcements include...

Huawei Matebook X Pro Review — Updated hardware delivers another high end experience but...

18 months ago we got the chance to go hands-on with Huawei’s flagship laptop, the Matebook X Pro. The original device was very impressive with only a couple of faults we were able...

What’s in my bag? Phil’s 2022 gear cache

I’ve done this in the past, the last one in 2020 and have recently had a number of requests to update what I carry when I’m on the go. Typically I’ve got review...

More Black Friday deals: Smart Home, Electronics, Audio, Wearables and more

This time of year with Thanksgiving in the USA, we get a lot of Black Friday bargains made available to us. We've already looked at some carrier options, Amazon and Ring, Google's goodies and...

Ausdroid’s Fathers day tech gift guide

Fathers day is just around the corner and if you're struggling for ideas on what to get your Dad, we've compiled a bit of a list for you. Everything from phones, to gadgets, IoT...
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Leak Time: Huawei P50 devices pictured in full before release

In the current age of electronic marketing, it's difficult to believe that almost every manufacturer has internal leaks. It seems far more likely that the leaks are in fact, a cheap marketing pathway...

Huawei delivers for Christmas in July

Over the last year or so, Huawei has been building its hardware across sound and wearables to complement its phones. Now as we enter the new financial year, they are offering an array...

Huawei Band 6 Review – Lots of features in a little band

Huawei has a number of wearables in the market currently, and the Band 6 is their entry point offering at an RRP of $139, however, the devices are currently on sale for EOFY priced...

Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2 brings forward well planned integration

Their troubles over the past two years have been well documented across the globe. But with the release of HarmonyOS 2 and new hardware, Huawei is looking to move forward. Although the...

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