+ Friday August 23rd, 2019

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Huawei granted another 90 day reprieve from US Commerce Entity List, but it may be the last

Overnight, the United States government granted Huawei a further 90-day reprieve from the listing on the Department of Commerce Entity List. Unfortunately, the news for Huawei is not great, as alongside the temporary reprieve, 48 further Huawei subsidiary companies were added to the Entity List. In announcing the extension of …

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Huawei’s Watch GT Active and Elegant are coming to Australia in late August at $399

The wearables industry moves at a different pace to smartphones. Where we see annual (and sub-annual) updates of smartphone devices, sometimes we’ve gone longer between generations of wearables. That’s starting to change though, with Qualcomm bringing new wearable chipsets to market faster and companies bringing their own software and hardware …

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