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[Updated: Confirmation] Google to cease all business with Huawei, to pull access to Play Store, Google apps and Android updates

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Last week, the US made a number of moves against Huawei, and we’re already starting to see the effect. Following the listing of Huawei on the Department of Commerce Entity List – which specifies those companies which are considered a risk to the US national security – companies in the …

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[Update: Statement] Huawei has been banned from purchasing from US companies, throwing Android in to doubt

In breaking news from the US today, the US Commerce Department has added Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (and 70 of its affiliates) to the Department’s “Entity List”, a move which bans the Chinese telecom giant from buying parts and components from U.S. companies without U.S. companies without special dispensation from …

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“Allegedly shot with a Huawei P30 Pro” – a video not actually shot on a Huawei phone does the rounds

A week ago, a video started doing the rounds on Twitter. Initially shared by Mothership in Singapore, the video attracted a reasonable amount of social traction – some 17,000 retweets or so – but it didn’t go beyond that. Sometimes things go viral without attracting the mainstream media’s attention. More …

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