Smartwatches are an interesting proposal– still — at the moment thanks to the market expectations and manufacturers’ choices. Many of the better choices like this one (Harmony OS) available aren’t running Wear OS, creating a conundrum for those of us who seek a single, cohesive ecosystem.

Huawei has released a new watch this week in the GT3 that has a great deal of potential for many users whether it’s for exercise tracking, or simply to utilise the smart features.

Design and features

Like the GT2 before it, the GT3 is a very attractive piece of hardware whether you choose the 42mm face, or the 46mm option. The look stays true to previous models being a slick, professional-looking device with only two buttons for control and doesn’t detract from the looks.

It feels reasonably hefty compared to some other devices, but given the 46mm screen on our review unit, the 42.6 grams is pretty reasonable and is only 11mm thick. The 42mm option is 35 grams in weight and 10.2mm thick.

Huawei claims the device has up to 14 days of “typical usage” on the 46 mm device but — we’ll explore this more in our upcoming review — we’ve found that to be a pretty optimistic number and expect the 42mm quoted 7 days to be in the same realm of optimism. With regular exercise, you can expect around 8 days of battery life in the real world.

While the battery life isn’t exactly what they’re promising, the feature set really does make up for that. Offering 24 x 7 monitoring of your heart rate, blood oxygen and skin temperature. Both models also carry an impressive set of connectivity capabilities including GPS and Bluetooth earbud connection for music playback.

Exercise options: From beginner to elite

The Huawei Watch GT3 has a mind blowing array of workout options. There is over 100 workout modes, including a number of guided workout options. This extends further with the running coach that can guide you towards meeting running goals.

Our review will be out in the coming couple of weeks delving deeper into the features and experience with the Huawei Watch GT3.

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Phill Edwards

Is this running WearOS?


The article feels like they have just taken it out of the box and written about it before even getting it running. I feel like this was just written to say “look, we have the huawei watch!”. Will wait for a proper review when they actually look at it. I doubt it has WearOS on it thankfully.