We have the privilege at Ausdroid of working with some really top flight manufacturers as well as lesser known brands, reviewing their products and getting to know their teams. Reolink was one that we came across in 2018 when we reviewed the Argus 2 and the Argus Pro – both representing really good value for money in home or small business security but unfortunately no voice assistant integration.

Reolink have put a call out to their user base asking for testers for Google Assistant integration.

Guess what! Reolink is going to work with Google Assistant to become one of the most powerful smart home products. You will be able to control your Reolink cameras with your voice in no time!

And to make it happen in the most perfect way possible, we still need some help from you…

To test it you will need a Google Assistant speaker or phone app, a Reolink Argus 2 or Reolink Argus Pro device and a Chromecast device. To join the testing group you just need to reply to the email Reolink are sending out with your Reolink camera ID and they’ll guide you through the setup process.

While it’s going to be difficult to jump on the bandwagon if you’re not already a registered user of their hardware, it’s worth noting for users who are looking to build some home or business security systems that can utilise Google Assistant. We will be a part of the early testing group and hope to offer some update on its success in the near future.

Source: Reolink.