OPPO, well to be specific, OPPO’s VP Shen Yiren Brian, have been sharing snippets of their upcoming phone the Reno. Part of a new lineup the Reno looks to be another amazing piece of hardware from OPPO. Overnight a video has revealed a new take on the pop-up camera along with their VP once again has revealing a few details.

The video, which you have to watch closely and don’t blink or you’ll miss it, shows the user switching from rear camera to front-facing camera and instead of a pop-up camera like the F11 Pro a camera slides up diagonally. It seems that this camera would be more robust than the pop-up straight up selfie camera but of course only time will tell.

Along with this video, renders from a case manufacturer have shown up showing this camera once again – in a SD710 version as it is in the video above. The renders reveal more information including a USB-C charging port, headphone jack and a dual rear camera setup.

The SD855 version is expected to have at least a triple camera setup with their 10 x lossless zoom periscope lens included.

Over on Weibo Shen Yiren Brian has revealed that the standard SD710 version will use a heat-conducting gel and graphite sheet to dissipate heat whereas the flagship SD855 version will include a copper tube liquid cooling system. This shows that the flagship Reno is designed for gaming as well as everyday use.

He has also revealed some sample snaps from the Reno taken at the Forbidden City in China (see below) showing off the capabilities of the 10 x zoom periscope lens. The standard Reno will use contrast and phase focusing while the version with the periscope lens will also use a laser focus

The OPPO Reno will be announced on April 10 and will arrive in a 5G variant with a 5,000mAh battery with 12GB of RAM as well as a Lamborghini version (it is unclear if the Lamborghini version will have 5G or not).

We are expecting the 5G version to arrive here on Telstra’s 5G network very soon but it would not surprise us to also see the standard Reno and the Lamborghini version arrive Downunder. We look forward to checking them and their new ColorOS out.

Source: Gizchina.
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Jim r

ColorOS = no dice. I felt the same way about Samsung’s TouchWiz for many years. Ive only just started enjoying my S8 in the last month since P/one ui, having been through 18 months of Rom contemplation. I’m hoping Nokia do something special soon.


ColorOS and the lack of updates is the reason why their phones can’t be recommended. My worst phone experience has been with the R9s Plus which was full of bugs and quirks from day one with notifications, or should I say lack of displaying notifications properly, unable to maintain sync to my Android Watch, and issues with Android Auto etc… It also launched on Android 6, and you guessed it, it’s now stopped receiving even minor updates and it never got the much promised major OS update that Oppo promised and you guys reported on here on Ausdroid. Link below,… Read more »