Last year when the Pixel Slate was announced there was one piece of hardware not mentioned, one with the codename Atlas. The Atlas has appeared in several leaks last year and has continued to show up in the Chromium repository this year.

The folks at About Chromebooks have uncovered some videos from the Chromium bug tracker and grabbed them before they disappeared which they have now done. As you can see in the video below the Chromebook is a more traditional clamshell design unlike the other Pixelbooks.

The display ratio is not 16:9 which is a change from their recent ratios and the display is apparently a 4K display.

The second video shows us very little although it does show us a keyboard design that is different to the standard Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. The video also does show that the device is NOT the final design so all this could well change in the final version.

The videos have led some to believe that the differences between the Atlas and the Pixel Chromebooks to come before it are too significant for the Atlas to be a Made by Google Pixelbook. About Chromebooks suspect that Atlas may actually be a Samsung Chromebook.

It is still a fair way to go until we get to the Made by Google event in October so there is still plenty of time for all this to be cleared up. It will be interesting if Google do release a Pixelbook successor this year and it the Atlas is it.

Source: About Chromebooks.
Via: 9to5Google.