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Reolink Lumus Review — Expanded functionality with the same big bang for buck

DIY home security cameras is an absolute minefield, the options are endless as is the budget. There are pros and cons to battery-powered, Wi-Fi cameras and the same can be said of permanent power cameras....

Introducing the Reolink Lumus, a motion actviated spotlight camera

We've been fortunate enough to take a look at a lot of security equipment at Ausdroid. One brand that has continued to impress with their bang for buck offerings is Reolink. The latest addition...

Reolink Argus Eco and E1 cameras – Australian Review

Home surveillance can be tricky for consumers - there's well established brands like Swann, D-Link, Arlo and so on, and a number of lesser-known brands offering virtually the same thing at half the price....

Security Camera Specials for Black Friday

There's a lot of specials around for Black Friday and (like many other sites) we're sharing them out. Rather than multiple posts about home security camera options, we thought it would be worth...

Live In a Unit? Want a Video Doorbell? Get Owners Corporation Approval First

For better or for worse CCTV cameras record us every day as we drive or use public transport, are at work or in many public spaces such as shopping malls. A growing percentage of Australians...

Google Assistant integration testers wanted by Reolink

We have the privilege at Ausdroid of working with some really top flight manufacturers as well as lesser known brands, reviewing their products and getting to know their teams. Reolink was one that...

Reolink Argus Pro — Affordable security camera with many options

The Argus 2 which I reviewed in April offers great value for people looking to get some security cameras at home or work. When the Argus Pro became available at a lower price, we had...

Reolink Argus 2 — Australian Review

An increasing percentage of homes have varying levels of home security installed these days, and there's an increasing number of home security cameras available for people to fit around their homes. We've seen cameras...

Reolink Argus 2 launches offering affordable security

We’ve seen a lot of options enter the DIY security setup over the last few years. Sadly it's almost a necessity in the current society we live in. Most options however are costly packs,...

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