We’ve seen a lot of options enter the DIY security setup over the last few years. Sadly it’s almost a necessity in the current society we live in. Most options however are costly packs, with multiple cameras and at high cost.

The Reolink Argus 2 has launched which is an affordable stand alone (you can stack multiple cameras across multiple locations) 1080p camera with most of the options that far more expensive options offer.

At US$129.99 (just shy of AUD$162) and no requirement for a base station, this 1080p rechargeable camera can fit into most household budgets and the wire free setup means it can be placed almost anywhere with some basic tools and little little time commitment. I like the option to purchase a solar panel to keep the camera charged, this gives you the option to keep cameras in hard to reach places charged all the time. A weatherproof rating on any security camera that may be used outdoors is a must, and the Argus 2 ticks that box as well.

When it comes to the camera functionality the Argus 2 has the expectations of most users covered. There is a motion sensor that will trigger push alerts to your mobile device and allows you to utilize 2 way audio to converse with people who’ve triggered the alert whether they be friend or foe via live view (provided you have a data connection on your device of course) – All viewed and controlled through their app.

If you’re unable to check the push alerts immediately and need to later review them, the device automatically triggers recording when the motion alerts occur giving you peace of mind that your home or business still has that guardian looking over it at times.

All in all the Reolink Argus 2 appears to have all the expectations of users covered and at an affordable price. We’ve made contact with Reolink and you can expect to see a review on of this camera on Ausdroid in the near future.

What hardware have you got around your home to protect it?

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Swetha Kodumoru

Chromecast support? Happy with my xiaomi 1080p cam which I spent only $20 a year ago. No subscription required ☺