There’s a lot of specials around for Black Friday and (like many other sites) we’re sharing them out. Rather than multiple posts about home security camera options, we thought it would be worth doing a roundup of the security camera specials. There’s a few around, so it’s time to take a look at them.

Swann are the first out of the box with a number of pretty good specials on their security camera kits ranging from 4 camera through to 8, with DVR or NVR options and saving 40 – 50% off of the RRP.

Product RRP Promo Price Savings % saved
4 Camera 4 Channel 1080p Wi-Fi NVR Security System $599.95  $329.95  $270.00 45%
6 Camera 8 Channel 5MP Super HD DVR Security System 2TB HDD, Heat & Motion Sensing + Night Vision $888.95 $449.00 $450.95 50%
6 Camera 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD DVR Security System  $1399.95 $699.95 $700 50%
 8 Channel 5MP NVR Security System  $1649.95 $989.00 $660.95  40%

Reolink have a number of specials on for black Friday. This includes Argus 2 which we reviewed back in 2018. It still offers good value for money and with Reolink Cloud (NB subscription model) the concerns about having to run an SD card are mostly alleviated.

There are multiple other cameras on sale ranging from US$32.29 through to high end outdoor bullet cameras down from US$251.99 to US$201.59 and complete NVR systems with 8 cameras included. Take a closer look at their flash sale site for details.

D-Link released a new range of wire free security camera kits in October. As part of the sales frenzy around black Friday, they’re discounting kits by adding in extra cameras. The additional cameras range in cost from $249.00 to $349 and very much increase the value of the systems.

Arlo have elected to continue their special of including a Philips Hue Starter Kit with purchase of a Aro Pro 2 or Pro 3 kit. This special was originally seen at the start of this month and is a solid deal if you’re looking for a start in the connected home world.

We have taken a look at Swann Securty cameras, multiple Reolink devices over time.

Recently we took a look at one of the D-Link options where Ducan gave it 4.5/5 and was complimentary of the features:

I have found it to be a fun and valuable addition to my growing smart home. I loved monitoring when packages arrived and knowing when my family had arrived home.

Arlo have established themselves as something of a mainstay in the smart security realm and we’ve had good experience with their hardware in the past.

The upshot of these previous reviews on all the security cameras is that most of these options will work for the vast majority of users, picking an option to suit your home and your needs is the key.