In a somewhat unexpected step, Google has officially confirmed that they are working on an Android Tablet for the Pixel family of devices. Unveiled officially on stage at Google IO 2022. The Tensor powered Pixel tablet is very light on details, or even a firm commitment to launch.

For those lamenting the fact that Google doesn’t have a cohesive hardware ecosystem, it might be time to find a new gripe, may I suggest the ills of social media? While details are short the tweet below shows off the overall look and feel, and we have to say, it feels more like a portable Nest hub than a Pixel Tablet.

Rick Osterloh described the future tablet as a ‘Perfect companion to you Pixel Phone’, and with Android 13’s focus on larger screens, multitasking and cross-device integration it makes complete sense that Google has announced they are entering this market, even if the hardware is not going to be released until likely October 2023, I think that officially makes this tablet vapourware.

Snark and sarcasm aside this is exactly what we want to see Google doing, all they need to do now is release an updated pixel Chromebook that fits into this ecosystem and they can finally claim to have a fully integrated hardware and software strategy. All they have to do then is make it all work together!

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I’m a bit disappointed. Eight years after my Pixel-C was introduced, and it doesn’t even seem to be as good along any dimension. Screen looks to be 16:9, rather than the lovely 1:sqrt(2) of the -C, and there’s no matching keyboard.


2013 called and it wants its excessive large bezels back.


Doesn’t this have pogo pins on the back? So it could well be a portable Nest Hub. The front looks like a Nest Hub display.


so google pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro and pixel 6a all of them got the new wifi 6e technology

but google still didnt bother to upgrade their nest wifi mesh sytem to wifi 6e

and still AC wifi , and outdated

WTF is this ???????????????????????


maybe they will release a newer nest wifi model in future πŸ™‚ 2nd gen still pretty recent.

what is interesting to me is the pre-announce for this 2023 tablet. why not just wait and announce when it is ready to ship? maybe they need app devs to get onboard to make the experience great.