The much rumoured and leaked Pixel 6a was officially launched on stage at Google IO today. Powered by the same Tensor Processor as Google’s Current generation Pixel 6 and next-generation Pixel 7 family of devices the Pixel 6a represents Google’s first full-power budget device. While the Pixel 6a is not with compromise, the Value of the Pixel line is always hard to beat.

Measuring in at 6.1 inches the FHD+ 60Hz OLED display accentuates a more rounded design than the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro while maintaining a very familiar look and feel to this generation of Pixel hardware. Around the back is the now ubiquitous Cyclops camera bar, including two Cameras and of course the flash.

Google has downgraded the Cameras with a 12.2 MP wide-angle Sony sensor and a 12 MP ultrawide angle sony sensor rounding out the package. While the sensors may not be the same, Google has packed in all of the Computation photography and Machine learning capabilities of the Pixel line into the Pixel 6a. This should mean that regardless of the ‘lower speced’ sensors, the Pixel 6a will deliver stunning photos and video.

For the full specs check out the table below.

Pixel 6a
Display Size 6.1 inch 60Hz FHD+ OLED
Processor Google Tensor Processor
Internal Storage 128GB
Battery 4,410mAh
Rear Camera 12.2 MP Wide-angle
12 MP Ultra Wide
Front Camera 8 MP Hole punch selfie Camera
Fingerprint Sensor In-display
Colours Charcoal (Black), Sage (Green), Chalk (Grey)

Launching in Australia (alongside Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States) the Pixel 6a goes up for pre-order on 21 July for $749 with retail available on shelve 28 July. No word yet on retail partners but we can assume it will follow a similar pattern to the Pixel 6 line.

The Pixel 6a will launch with Android 12 and be eligible for 5 years of security updates but no word on how many platform updates will be included. With Google having more control over the Tensor processor they are using across their lineup, we hope to see longer support for platform updates from Pixel hardware. Having the Tensor CHip inside the Pixel 6a will support 5G, but no millimetre wave support, not that that is a significant issue for Australia right now.

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Jack Bauer

I was holding out for this phone but since it only has a 60hz screen I won’t be getting it.


Why would they not announce how many Android versions it’s going to get, how ridiculous Google. 60Hz is a bit of a slap in the face too with phones in that price range all having 90Hz and 120Hz panels.

$749 was what I expected price wise, so that’s pretty bang on.


$749 is affordable? I was hoping $499-649


That’s the going rate for a decent “midranger” these days. The specs certainty aren’t low end with the Tensor SoC and 6GB/128GB and a great camera. Throw in an AMOLED screen an under-screen finger print scanner and it’s more of a upper midrange device. The lack of a 90Hz/120Hz panel is a bit of a letdown though.

The Pixel 6 sits at $999 so the $749 price tag for the 6a makes sense.

There’s no way they could sell that for $500-$650 AUD.


you’re right there – it will sell for that much when on sale. we have seen it with 4a before and 6 knocking off $150-200 sometimes even $250.

Paul Warner

Wonder if Google will release this in Kiwi land or still treat us like the 3rd tech world??