I’ve been testing the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro for several months. On paper it offers a unique feature set of 360 degree pan and tilt camera, tuneable 3000 lumens LED array, AI-powered human detection and auto-tracking, no subscription fees and 8GB onboard storage.

Read on to find out how well it worked in real life.


Inside the box, you’ll find the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro, install hook and string, charging cable, junction box, plate screws, central screw cap, central screw, various security stickers and a quick start guide.

You can unbox yourself, but once you’ve connected it to the internet (2.4ghz Wi-Fi only), it has to be hard-wired by an electrician; ignore the American sites that say you can wire it up to your home switchboard yourself.


Apart from that warning by me, the Quick Start guide and installation video provided by Eufy is very easy to follow. The Floodlight Cam 2 pro can be mounted on a wall or on a ceiling up to 3m off the ground max.

What it’s good at

As soon as it connected to my Wi-Fi, Alexa automatically recognised the camera and floodlight and allowed me to interact with it by voice, the Eufy Security app and Alexa app/smart displays. It is also compatible with Google Home but not with Apple Homekit.

Weather protection is IP65, and so far it has survived dusty winds, blown rain and accidentally being jet sprayed by my hose as I cleaned my back wall.

The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro records motion-activated events using three motion detectors that spotted humans up to 11 metres away on my fence line (which is closed to the claimed 12.19m range). This is not a 24/7 continuous recording solution.

The colour temperature tuneable floodlight emits up to 3000 lumens (across three individually panels adjustable via the eufy Security app) is even better as it brightly lights my whole back yard from edge to edge, making dragging the bins and other evening or early morning tasks super easy.

eufy Security
eufy Security
Developer: Anker
Price: Free

The lights are clever enough to detect the time and level of light outside so they reliably only turn on triggered by sensors between sunset and sunrise or when I tell Alexa to turn them on.

The 360 degree 2K resolution security camera and its three sensors are super customisable via the Eufy app. You can control the camera up, down, left, right, and centre with the arrow keys on the live view app page.

Once the camera detects a person, it moves to record them and follows them walking around your yard until they leave. Thanks to 3 sensors even if the camera is pointing elsewhere it will be triggered and pan around to capture what is happening.

You can add preset locations to jump to view them quickly, and you can adjust left, centre and right to have separate sensitivity depending on how far you need them to be able to detect.

Mentioning these the 3 independent PIRs on the left front and right of the device has three types of sensitivity settings: standard, advanced and automatic.

  • Standard: three PIR sensitivity set together.
  • Advanced: three PIR sensitivity set separately.
  • Automatic: the sensitivity of the three PIRs is automatically adjusted according to the accuracy of each trigger.

You can set activity zones to exclude unnecessary video event alerts or recording of unnecessary footage eg: and exclude above the top of your fence line if the camera can partially see into your neighbour’s land.

What could be better

The first issue for some people is looks. The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is only available in white and is not the prettiest device with multiple light panels and the 360 pan and tilt camera. In my case my walls are white, and the device is white so it fits in well.

The second issue is that video is only stored in 8GB non-expandable onboard. It’s puzzling that Eufy doesn’t allow users to pair it to a Eufy Homebase 2 storage unit if you have one already, as I do for storing Eufy doorbell video clips. Optional paid cloud storage is available, and you can send videos to NAS storage if you have it.

The third issue is laundry drying on the line flapping about and triggering a video recording. Eufy needs to work on their people detection algorithm so it doesn’t think clothes moving around is the same as humans moving around.

For some people, the cost may be too high once electrician install fees are paid on top of the purchase price but bear in mind this is an all in one very powerful 3 direction floodlight as well as 360 degree security camera. If a similar spec security camera and floodlight were purchased and wired in separately the cost would likely be much higher.

Should you buy it

The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is the brightest floodlight with 2K video camera available in Australia (to the best of my knowledge) and comes with the bonus of not requiring a paid subscription forever to enable all it’s features and store video.

These features and allowing lots of software customisation result in it being highly recommended by me.

The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is available for $449.95 from it’s Australian distributor, as well as from JB Hi-Fi etc.

Disclosure Statement

Eufy has allowed Ausdroid to retain the product as hard wiring it to the house electricity supply was done at a significant expense

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Sadly , no apple homekit support


Yeah, Eufy is far behind others on so many things in the security camera space. There’s not a chance I’d use them.


we have to wait for them to support MATTER , once they support MATTER any device will work with homekit


Yeah Matter will be good, but its only one of the many things that Eufy should do to, not only catch up to others, but to reach the bare minimum standards that a security system requires.