Maybe I missed something, but it looks like NBN pretty quietly added a bunch of new suburbs to the FTTN upgrade plans.

Compared to the previous listing, there’s a lot of suburbs that have been added to the list; with some being delayed as well. Clearly there’s a lot going on in the backgorund with planning and logistics to maximise the upgrade pathway.

Most noticably, the list shows that there are a significant number of fringe and country areas added. I can only speak for SA, but the majority of these are long term plans at this stage with completion set for 2025.

If you’re not already on a fibre option, what is the timeline you’re looking at for an upgrade?

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Now we just need symmetrical plans at a reasonable price to suit fiber



they need to cancel 25/5 , 50/20 and 100/40

just do minimum 300/100 for residents

faster for residents 1000/400

and business should get maybe 1000/1000 and 2000/2000

the 25/5 and 50/20 and 100/40 a waste of time


Or even better just remove the speed tiers completely.


NBN consumer grade fibre aka FTTP uses GPON as the network technology and it cannot support symmetrical speeds like those. It maxes out at 400mbps.


The list includes rural towns which are co-funded by Victorian State Government. I believe this is the first occasion where all upgrade locations are listed in one document.


I’m interested if they will allow any fringe Fixed Wireless users to upgrade. I’m very close to FTTN houses in the Adelaide Hills but have been put on FW as I’m a little too far from the node. My TCP quote is still too high for me to justify at $18.6k. If not, hopefully this will reduce significantly.


finally im getting fibre , we have been waiting 10 years for it


But the question is can you afford it?

The latest ACCC NBN Wholesale Market Indicators report shows that people are dropping down to the 25Mbps speed tier. One can assume the reason is to save money as interest rates and inflation bite. This makes sense as many people were upgraded by RSPs from 25Mbps to 50Mbps when the Liberals started bundling CVC with the 50Mbps plan. The next step will be for people to abandon the NBN and use the data included with their mobile phone plans.


I had 100/40 for 5 years on fttn

Getting fttp is cheaper than what i pay now

Leaptel got 12 month plan for 100/40 and you get free fibre