The NBN as a whole has been deemed a success for users around Australia; increasing access to and the speeds of connectivity. Largely in suburban and fringe areas though. For users in remote locations, the news hasn’t been as good with Sky Muster being heavily speed restricted and involving data limits… Until now!

The Sky Muster Plus offering — through a variety of providers — now has increased burst (not constant) speed throughput and removes data limits, bringing our rural friends closer to connected civilisation. There are still the cheaper offerings that have outright speed and some pretty significant peak and offpeak data limits.

It is our understanding that users who are on Sky Muster have been contacted if they’re able to get access to Sky Muster Plus and get better connected to the online world.

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The NFN has been, “Deemed a success”? By who, and on what grounds?

Chris Rowland

Compared to the mess of poorly performing ADSL and legacy 4G connections we had before, the NBN is superior – even the copper based links usually perform better than what they replaced, and with the overbuild to put fibre in more premises, it’s improving daily.

So, for most people, in most places, it’s been successful. Shrug.


The bigger problem is latency which SkyMuster cannot solve due to the distance to GEO orbit. SpaceX Starlink 60ms latency is significantly better than minimum 600ms from SkyMuster.
The ability for Starlink connections to be setup easily and even work while in transit is another advantage.

Chris Rowland

I haven’t used either satellite service, but satellite has historically always been slow. Starlink’s lower latency and high speed service sounds superior… even if it does come from evil Elmo’s company.