There are so many options for home Internet connections these days, it can be intimidating if you’re not sure what you want or need. Add to that the complexities of the connectivity options through the NBN and it becomes a bit of a nightmare. Vodafone is looking to make that a simple decision for users who are either on poor infrastructure or just don’t need — very different to want — the higher speeds.

The offering:

You’ll get unlimited data at up to a max off-peak speed of 20Mbps (actual speeds may vary due to various factors). There’s no technician appointment required – just set up the modem yourself and you’ll be instantly connected to the internet once you plug in your modem.

The plan is $60 per month, although existing customers get a $10 per month discount, and offers speeds far superior to what many users can achieve on current connections. If you’re not sure whether the setup will suit you, you’ve got the option to test it for a month (of course, conditions apply) to make sure the service will work for you.

Kieren Cooney, Group Executive Consumer noted that the plan is intended to offer simplicity for users and peace of mind for continued connectivity:

This new Home Internet plan gives our customers what they are looking for – quality and affordable wi-fi in their home that doesn’t require you to wait to get connected, It’s as simple as plugging the device into the power and it works.

“We have listened to our customers and their needs by giving them a simple unlimited data plan. We know customers want to set and forget their home broadband, allowing them to stream and browse without giving data limits a second thought.

It’s a viable alternative to NBN for some customers with poor connections or low needs, but as always with mobile connectivity: We recommend checking the coverage map and assessing your needs before committing to a new connection.