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Vodafone announces their 4G+ expansion has completed

Vodafone has today announced that their carrier aggregation rollout has been completed across metropolitan areas, meshing their re-farmed 850MHz network with their existing 4G 1800MHz network to create a super fast LTE-Advanced, or as they call it 4G+ network for customers in metro areas. The new carrier aggregation gives the …

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Optus kicks off 2015 with a boom in 4G sites

Back in 2013, the Australian Communications & Media Authority auctioned off the 700MHz frequency, which would soon be vacated by the soon to be removed Analogue TV networks. Optus took part in the auction to secure spectrum in the coveted lower range frequency and won 2x 10MHz bands for a …

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Vodafone switches on its 4G+ network in Perth

Vodafone is continuing the rollout of its 850 Mhz 4G+ network, with Perth the latest city to benefit. The carrier reports that it’s switched on 236 4G+ sites in Perth, following successful rollouts in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. They’re aiming to add another 40 sites before …

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