It wasn’t long ago that amaysim updated their plan offerings with the inclusion of access to Optus’ 4G network, and they’re reporting they’ve received some great feedback on the plans. However, it seems they’re not done with the changes just yet, announcing today new plans which offer better benefits at the same price.

amaysim have increased the data on their 4G unlimited plans at no extra cost, raising the limits by 1GB on the two higher plans, and 500MB on the lower end plan. The changes are set out neatly in the table below:


Unlike some carrier changes, this isn’t for new customers only. You don’t need to call up to request one of the new plans. It’s just been changed across the board for all customers on the 4G unlimited plans. Customers on the 3G plans won’t receive extra data through this change, but can easily change across to the 4G plans as they wish.

This pricing places amaysim below some of the offerings of the major networks, with quite competitive pricing. When you also consider that there’s no minimum term contract to sign, these ‘plans’ (though they’re really not plans, as they’re month by month services) are going to be quite appealing.

Let us know. Are you an amaysim customer benefiting from these new plans? Are you tempted to change from their previous 3G only plans to the 4G plans to take advantage?

Source: amaysim blog.
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    vijay alapati

    If u are planning to port to Amaysim use the code SAVEBIG and get any plan for just $19.99 for the first month. seen on OZbargain 🙂


    I know some people might have issue with Optus’s coverage, but dang that’s a tempting deal for dataholics like myself


    It all depends where you are and where you use your data. Optus coverage isn’t perfect, but neither is Vodafone’s or Telstra’s. This represents great value, and if you live, work and play in areas where Optus’ coverage is great, then this is fantastic 🙂


    If only could they include international calls like vodafone n virgin


    If they did, I’d hop over from TPG in a heartbeat.

    Caleb Johns

    Yay! I stayed with 3G so I didn’t lose the GB data on the 44.90 plan but now when my month runs out, it looks like I’m switching


    It’s MB billing on the old 3G plans, and KB billing on the 4G plans – so even though the old 3G $44 had a GB more than the 4G plan, you actually don’t lose anything in the end because MB billing massively steals your data.

    Caleb Johns

    Another great reason to switch to 4G, I won’t use up as much data.


    “MB billing massively steals your data”
    You must spend more time turning data on & off than using the net on your phone. Even with dropping the signal I can’t see this being more than a few MB per day at worst. KB is a good move, I hope they give the same to 3G @ 5c/MB


    If you had Facebook Gmail etc updating every 30 minutes over a day that’s a minimum of 48MB per app per day, for a month that is 1.44GB for one app!!! Most people have multiple apps accessing the internet all day every day. This is why per MB billing is such a huge data hog!! Turn off automatic updates on everything. Most android phones contact Google many times a day, for syncing, checking for software updates, app updates etc etc etc. I turn off “background data” and automatic updates on virtually everything and my data use dropped dramatically as I’m… Read more »


    If you leave data on it should keep the session alive for many hours. You are NOT starting a new session every time Facebook or Gmail updates (every 30 minutes)


    This is so untrue. As a former Android developer, I can tell you that pretty much all apps do not poll servers. Google put in place a system whereby the phone maintains one connection with Google’s servers and the phone is told when there is new data. Then and only then do apps poll the server. A Listener pattern. It’s called Google Cloud Messaging – and it is free for apps.

    I suspect that this was put in place to reduce data use and also battery drain caused by dozens of apps polling.