Following the launch of Vodafone’s unlimited 5G home broadband option, affiliated ISPs iiNet, Internode and Westnet follow suit.

The ups and downs of cellular connectivity are present in that you need to live at an approved address and your experience may vary dependent on location. The bonus is that the connection is near-instant and requires no on-site appointment from a tech.

For existing customers of all three ISPs there are two offerings:

  • Unlimited data at a maximum speed of 100Mbps for $69.95 ($5 discount included)
  • Unlimited data at 5G speeds (speed will vary based on location) for $79.99 per month ($5 discount included)

If you’re looking for a bonus to entice you over, customers signing onto the 5G Home Broadband services will receive a free Fetch Mini for 24 months, after that $5 per month to continue the 30 movies each month. To make sure the service will meet your needs, the first month is free and if it doesn’t set your streams ablaze, you can return the setup within 21 days of notice.

If you’re stuck on a poor connection, is 5G a viable connection replacement for your home?

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vodafone/TPG 5G network will slow down and get congested

TPG/Vodafone is desperate to get alot on 5G because they dont make profit from nbn