We’ve had the opportunity to look at a couple of EcoFlow devices in the past and been pretty impressed. They’re capable of providing ongoing power for when you’re travelling (caravan and camping) or in a limited capacity when your power goes offline.

If you need something bigger, then the newly launched DELTA 2 Max may be just the ticket. The increased capacity of up to 6.144kWh (two extra batteries are required) means you can power your entire home for multiple hours in a power outage, or even consider off-grid solutions.

The AC output is another impressive list, with a surge capacity of 4,800W and continual throughput of up to 2,400W; you can power just about anything with this little beast. Potentially even give an electric vehicle a little top up.

Like the Delta we reviewed last year, the options to charge are broad including AC input (at 2.3kW – reaching full charge in 80 mins), solar input of up to 1000W (for full charge in 2.3 hours) or the snail pace of a car charger; you’ve got plenty to choose from. If you have the resources available, you can combine solar and AC to reach 80% charge in approximately 43 minutes.

Despite the fast charge times, the DELTA 2 Max has a lifespan of 3000 cycles before the efficiency will reduce to 80% of its original capacity. So even if you’re cycling it daily, that’s over 8 years — well past the 5 year warranty — before you’re expected to lose any significant amount of the battery capacity.

It’s not a lightweight device at 23kg, so it’s worth noting that this is more a device that you’ll want to have a car, or caravan nearby to put it in… you’re not lugging this on the bus!

Out of all of this, the DELTA 2 Max, impressively only puts out 30 dB of noise while charging your — lower capacity — devices.

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max is avaialble from today via EcoFlow’s official website, eBay, and Amazon. For a short time, some bundles will see discounts:

  • The DELTA 2 Max and 400W Portable Solar Panel down $300 to $4,198
  • The DELTA 2 Max as a stand alone device will be priced at $2,999
  • The DELTA 2 Max Extra Battery (mentioned above) is available for $2,499

If you’re after a local store you can pop in to for one, then Anaconda, Autobarn, Autoone, Autopro, Battery World, Bunnings, Harvey Norman, TJM, and Total Tools are your go-to places.