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EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max is a great way to manage offline, or off-grid

We've had the opportunity to look at a couple of EcoFlow devices in the past and been pretty impressed. They're capable of providing ongoing power for when you're travelling (caravan and camping) or in...

EcoFlow´s Black Friday sales deals means you can power up and pay less with...

EcoFlow, one of the leading eco-friendly energy solutions company is jumping aboard the annual Black Friday sales and deals where you can get up to 38% off selected devices including an incredible $800 DELTA...
EcoFlow Wave 2 with box and accessories

Review: EcoFlow Wave 2 portable heating and cooling

The EcoFlow company was started in 2017 by battery engineers who aimed to make a positive impact on the renewable energy sector. They now offer a wide range of products, from portable power stations...

EcoFlow expands its range in Australia to include some supports for outdoor adventures

Whether it's summer or winter in Australia, there's always weather elements to consider in your outdoor adventures. EcoFlow has already delivered a number of great options including the Delta and River to keep your...

EcoFlow EOFY sale can save you money while keeping you connected and charged

EcoFlow has some excellent hardware available when it comes to charging solutions. Ranging from the RIVER to the DELTA range, the devices offer a variety of power storage and delivery options. The better news...

Ecoflow River 2 portable power station Australian hands on testing

While writing this article my laptop isn't being powered by its built-in battery or from grid power. Instead my laptop is plugged into the USB-C port of an Ecoflow River 2. The River 2 is...

Phil’s best of 2022

It's a pretty generic statement covering the past 3 years to say it's been challenging. Thankfully, we've seen restrictions easing and something resembling a normal life -- whatever that is -- returning. As we've...

EcoFlow Delta portable power station review — Power almost anything, literally anywhere

When we first saw the EcoFlow DELTA, the timing was almost comical in that South Australia had just experienced significant and widespread power outages. Now the dust has settled on that, we've had a...

EcoFlow offers renewable and portable energy

Given the current widespread power outages in South Australia, having EcoFlow contact us about their renewal and portable energy solution was entertaining. Once the amusement subsided, my curiosity piqued and I began to explore...

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