EcoFlow, one of the leading eco-friendly energy solutions company is jumping aboard the annual Black Friday sales and deals where you can get up to 38% off selected devices including an incredible $800 DELTA Pro portable power station.

The Black Friday deals are available through either the EcoFlow and Amazon websites alongside the brick and mortar retailers Anaconda, Autobarn, Bunnings, Battery World, and Harvey Norman between Monday 13th November 2023 to Sunday 3rd December 2023.

So what are EcoFlow offering as part of their Black Friday sale? Let’s have a look shall we.

Device Normal RRP Sale Price
RIVER portable
power station
$699 $499
RIVER Pro portable
power station
$1199 $899
WAVE 2 portable
air conditioner
$1999 $1799
GLACIER 3-in-1 portable fridge,
freezer, and ice maker
$1499 $1399
Dual Fuel Smart Generator $2399 $1999

EcoFlow have further stated that they can offer up to $1100 on product bundles to make power supply easier than ever as part of their Black Friday deals.

We have reviewed a few a couple of these products, such as the Ecoflow River 2 portable power station, EcoFlow Delta portable power station and the EcoFlow Wave 2 portable heating and cooling devices.

EcoFlow has further stated that this sale on’t end on Black Friday though, with EcoFlow’s Holiday Sale kicking off on Monday 4th December 2023.