Whether it’s summer or winter in Australia, there’s always weather elements to consider in your outdoor adventures. EcoFlow has already delivered a number of great options including the Delta and River to keep your gear charged when you’re offline. Now they add the WAVE 2 and GLACIER to keep you comfy and your drinks cool either off-grid for outdoor adventures.

WAVE 2: Portable Air conditioner and heater – $1,999.00

The WAVE 2 offers both heating and cooling functions, all from a battery that lasts up to 8 hours. This makes it ideal for so many activities from camping, to picnics, off-grid homes, cooling athletes at outdoor events or even using during a blackout.

Impressively the feature set of the WAVE 2 includes access to a 1,159Wh battery in a relatively small package, runs at 44db (sleep mode) of noise so you could potentially even use it in a tent and it really is portable. Other modes include Eco Mode and Fast Mode for fastest possible heating and cooling.

Charging can be via AC, one of the EcoFlow power stations, Car outlet or even the — optional extra — solar panels. The WAVE 2 is capable of heating 10m2 from 20c to 30c in 5 minutes and cooling the same temperature range (30c down to 20c) in the same time for summer.

GLACIER: Portable Fridge, Freezer and Ice Maker – $1,499.00

I can see how this would be an amazing daily use device for so many professions. Builders, Truck Drivers, Sports coaches, pretty much anyone who is outdoors for long periods of time. That’s all before you get into the weekend uses for families at picnics or heading for a day at the footy or cricket.

The GLACIER is a portable fridge, freezer and ice maker that was released at CES earlier this year.

The quick cooling means you can produce ice cubes in just 12 minutes and the battery (298Wh) can continue to provide this for up to 19 hours, or 40 hours if you’re only using the refrigeration feature; enough for a weekend of camping without fear of food poisoning. As an added bonus, if you’re caught short on power, you can use the battery to charge your smaller devices on the go.

With all of this built into the GLACIER, of course, it’s natural to worry about weight. The whole thing has a detachable handle and wheels which make it easy to move and manoeuvre on the go.

Like the WAVE 2, the GLACIER can be charged from AC power, Solar panels, a portable power station or even your car DC outlet.

Obviously these aren’t cheap items, but great value if you’re going to get regular use from them. They’ll increase comfort at locations or event and offer a little increase in safety too.