Given the current widespread power outages in South Australia, having EcoFlow contact us about their renewal and portable energy solution was entertaining. Once the amusement subsided, my curiosity piqued and I began to explore their broad product range. With portable power stations that can be recharged via solar panels headlining the offerings, there’s something to suit many potential buyers.

The EcoFlow DELTA stores up to 1.2kWh of power, can deliver it at 1,800 watts and run just about anything. It can provide hours of TV time, run a microwave, fridge, washer or even coffee machine. This makes it a viable home power back up solution or a portable solution for camping or off-grid living.

It can be charged from a mains power outlet, car or even solar panels (at extra cost), making it hugely versatile too.

While it’s a little too late for the current SA situation, we’ll be checking out an EcoFlow DELTA for a couple of weeks soon. The unit costs $2,399.00 but is currently on special for $1,999.00

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Minor correction on the units:

The EcoFlow DELTA stores up to 1.2kWh of power